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New Recycled Coffee Cup Paper – Get it while it’s hot

Did you know that 81 disposable coffee cups are used every second in the UK alone? That’s a shocking 7 million a day! With 2.5 billion take-away cups being thrown away each year something had to be done, thankfully James Cropper has developed a way of giving them a second chance. This was the world’s first coffee cup recycling plant opened by HM The Queen in 2013 leading to the development of a range of high grade but environmentally friendly papers.

How its done: Coffee outlets, cafésor retailers can send used paper cups to James Cropper for Cupcycling™. The cups are collected and baled close to source, so that they can be delivered efficiently on a large scale. It’s a world-first in recycling. The unique process removes the tricky polyethylene lining that makes take-away cups waterproof, while preserving the precious paper fibres. The polyethylene is recycled by other reprocessing partners, and the paper fibres are ready to upcycle. This is then made into a range of luxury papers that are both beautiful and environmentally friendly. Available in ten stylish colours and two paperweights, 130gsm and 380gsm. Print Evolved now have the capability to offer recycled coffee cup paper on a vast range of their products from business cards to luxury folders.


  • _Business Cards
  • _Compliment Slips
  • _Letterheads
  • _Presentation Folders
  • _Luxury Packaging
  • _Greetings Cards
  • _Garment Tags
  • _Invitations
  • _Menus
  • _Brochures

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