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Digi-Laser & Digi-Etch Cards

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The latest technology is used to create eye catching, memorable print projects that make a real impact.

Print Evolved have developed specialist typefaces that can quickly and accurately be cut and removed down to the tiniest of details adding a unique effect to your print project. Any combination of letters, numbers and punctuation marks can be used to take print projects to a new level. Print Evolved use their existing capabilities of printing white ink and extensive material testing to ensure Digi-Laser can be combined with a range of coloured card that really makes an impression.

Whilst developing Digi-Laser, Print Evolved also engineered Digi-Etch using the same technology, specialist typefaces and coloured materials. Digi-Etch can precisely remove 25% of the top layer of material creating a very tactile effect.

Both technologies can be added into the design of existing print products. For example; business cards, contact cards, invitations, wedding stationery, personal stationery, covers, folders, place cards, name badges and certificates.

Low set up cost, no minimum order quantity and fast lead times makes them a welcome addition to the fast paced world of print.

So if you would like to try out Digi-Laser and Digi-Etch, you can build your own sample pack using the Print Evolved web to print platform, Cognitu. Please login and register using the website printed on our Digi-Laser sample card.