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As far back as ancient Egypt, the allure of gold and silver in print has caught the attention of our inner magpies, and it’s no different with consumers nowadays.

This appeal may not have changed, but the techniques for adding a little shine to design has adapted over time to meet the ever growing needs of our customers.

We have always offered high quality foiling, alongside embossing and debossing services. These processes involve the creation of a metal foiling die with a raised section in the shape of the desired image which would be mounted on a traditional letterpress printing press. Once set up the printed work would be fed into the machine, where gold foil would be pressed onto the print using the hot die, leaving a great impression of the foiled design on the printed piece.

The digital era has made the legend of Midas a reality, allowing any artwork to be brought to life with a touch of gold. Almost as if the technology has gone full circle, this new technique is similar to the way ancient Egyptians adorned gold leaf onto statues. With a little ingenuity we can now adhere gold foil to printed items using the adhesive properties of the ink itself.

With this technology we can now offer foiling much faster, for shorter print runs and even cater for personalisation jobs such as tickets, certificates and invitations cost effectively.


  • An extensive selection of foils ranging from traditional to coloured metallics
  • Clear foiling to achieve spot UV effects at a fraction of the cost
  • Holographic such as sparkle or carbon fibre
  • Fully personalised

Contact your account manager for more details on our digital and traditional foiling service