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No More Chores! Integrate!

Integration is a word that typically terrifies all but the most hardened of techies. Done right however integration can make life better for everyone connected to your business.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced cost to serve
  • Improved buying experience
  • Increased awareness of print offer
  • Total order visibility
  • Quicker fulfilment
  • Reduction of service queries

With this in mind we have added a multitude of ways in which Cognitu can integrate seamlessly with your existing eCommerce and MIS (management information systems).

So what is it?

Integration typically comes in 2 main flavours front end, streamlining the UX (user experience) and back office, optimising administration processes.

Integrated User Experience

With front end integration we recommend simply automating user logins when jumping from your website to our web2print solution. Removing the need for your users to remember multiple logins, ensuring they see your full offer as they travel via your main site and giving them total access to all of our software’s capabilities.

Integrated Back Office

Optimising your administration processes is where integration truly shines. By allowing your order processing systems to communicate with Cognitu you can strip away many painfully laborious and repetitive tasks, saving time and money across the board. Processes we can help automated include:

  • Order creation
  • PO acceptance
  • Despatch notification
  • Invoice processing

How do I get it?

Getting integrated can be relatively easy depending on your needs and the capabilities of your existing systems. If your website caters for cXML (commerce eXtensible Markup Language) or OPXML (a BOSS standard) you may be halfway there already, If not don’t fret we have a multitude of APIs to suit your needs.

Get in touch with your account manager to get started on your integration journey.