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Workflows are a vital part of any web2print system, helping you to manage and organise your order pipeline, catering for all your post-order needs. They are a particular requirement for Large Corporates, Multi site businesses and also Companies that operate a matrix organisational structure.

Workflows act as the communication tool to manage authorisation/approval procedures that would normally be performed by people if they were sitting next to each other. They can also be used to create awareness of certain activity

Typical tasks any workflow may need to facilitate are:

  • Authorise
    • Sign-off Orders Financially
    • Check Artwork Compliance
    • Legal/Regulatory approval
  • Collaborate
    • Team Up to Create Newsletters
    • Get Business Cards Translated
  • Automate
    • Send Notification Emails
    • Perform Automated Checks
  • Design
    • Get Artwork Recreated
    • Use Our Design Studio Services

Within Cognitu one or more tasks can be joined together, creating workflows as simple or as elaborate as your needs.

Call your account manager to learn more and discuss how we can help you save time and improve the way your web2print order system works