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Two of our most popular finishes, duplexing and triplexing involve adhering different papers together to create really beautiful finishes. Duplex involves gluing two papers or boards together, while triplexing uses three. Duplexing is a great way to achieve different textures and colours on either side of your print. It also works really well with die-cutting, as you can set the die-cutter to only cut out the top layer, revealing the second colour underneath. Triplexing can be used to get a coloured seam running through the centre of a card.

Duplex and Triplexing are a great way to make your print look special and definitely more classy. Used mostly for corporate invites and business cards, these finishing processes give an extra touch, showing your customers that you pay attention to detail and that your brand is a premium one. Emboss a triplexed invite for an outstanding result that will suggest your guests a luxury event from the second they receive it and Print a triplex business card to make a memorable first impression that will last.

If you are not sure what would work best for you, pop in for a chat, or ring us. We are happy to help!