March 1st, 2016

The Company was established in 1997 as a software developer. It began trading as Card Corporation and built and marketed the first European web2print system, bringing digital technologies together to establish one order to fulfilment workflow through hosted solutions.

Despite the bandwidth issues and the primitive nature of early Internet use, Card Corporation perfected its web2print technology to capture customer orders and output print ready files, becoming the first company to harness this technology within the Industry.

During the Company’s earlier years, any requirement for print production was outsourced, yet with increasing demand in 2008, the Company decided to invest in its own production capabilities. Utilising Indigo digital technology, and trading as Ivor Solution, marketed a complete hybrid solution powered by its Cognitu web2print platform.

Ivor Solution continued to innovate its web2print proposition creating an extended online environment to build all types of printed collateral, not limited to simply digital output. In 2016, Ivor Solution rebranded to become Print Evolved.

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